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3 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Staff Retreat

As temperatures rise, the grass turns green, and the flowers bloom, spring is the perfect time to plan your staff retreat. Gathering Oaks Retreat offers the perfect accommodations whether you want to get away for the day, or you need an extended, overnight stay. Whether you have a staff of five or fifty, consider the following three things you need to know before planning your staff retreat.

First, we all need a break from our normal environment.

Many corporate and ministry leaders try to plan a staff retreat at their office or church. Unfortunately, work staycations never produce the bonding or the downtime we desire. Leaders mistakenly think a simple break from the normal routine is enough to reset and recharge. However, when people play an ice breaker game while staring at a stack of papers in their inbox, they can’t fully engage. They can’t adequately disconnect from work and connect with the people right in front of them. If we want our staff fully participating in the retreat, then we need to remove them from their normal environment. Gathering Oaks Retreat is the perfect setting for a staff getaway, as it provides generous meeting space in the Whispering Vines room; outdoor areas for meetings, hanging out, or eating; and the cozy Gathering House for meals and brainstorming sessions.

Next, atmosphere matters.

It’s not enough to just remove our staff from their place of work. We must consider what kind of atmosphere we want to create. If you want to offer your staff a laid-back, southern vibe where they can relax, connect, and engage in team-building activities, then Gathering Oaks retreat is the venue for you!

Finally, we were made to live in community.

Gathering Oaks Retreat gives people the chance to play card games, horse shoes, roast marshmallows, sit around the fire pit and chat, swim, go on a walk, or play board games. Whether your group wants to spread out or stay close, we were all made to live in community and Gathering Oaks Retreat provides the opportunity to do just that.


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