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Wedding Ideas to Create a Memorable Guest Experience✨

Every wedding has the ability to invite it‘s guests in and say...

✨” We are so glad you are here! “ ✨

Here are some ways to honor your guests and ensure they have a wonderful

experience during each part of your wedding, while making all those special and memorable moments count.


The venue

The experience starts with the location & aesthetics ~

Find a central location that is convenient to get to. Easy access to an airport is an added bonus! Picture a courtyard surrounded by whimsical trees and twinkle lights. You want your guests to feel relaxed, so you add different types of seating including wooden tables with benches for the bridal party, plus traditional tables with cushioned seats for the grandparents and that random uncle.. you know the one. Don‘t forget the cocktail tables with stools.. this is were you will find the cool kids and the wannabes.


✨It's a BONUS if your venue has lodging for guests onsite!

At Gathering Oaks, your guests can enjoy the weekend and stay on site with all the wedding festivities in one place. This eliminates the stress of getting to and from the rehearsal dinner, wedding venue and reception for those that are directionally challenged or often late. This also allows extra time for the guests of the bride and groom to get to know one another! Spend special moments from early morning coffee to late evening talks with friends and family you rarely get to see. You can rest easy at night knowing your guests are already on site while you get ready for your big day.


The ceremony

Make the ceremony your own story~

Think serene & sincere!

The ceremony is really more for you than your guests, so remember to stay in the moment. Look to your own story versus what others have done. If you are authentic & have personal touches, then your friends and family will be drawn into the ceremony. Consider keeping your guests comfortable by thinking about the season and time of day you want to have your outdoor ceremony. A shady and breezy spot is always nice to consider to keep your guests cool.


Cocktail hour

This is a time of transition~

This “hour” has the potential to bore your guests or get them ready for the celebration to come. You maybe taking pictures during this time, so consider creating conversation opportunities and ways for your guests to enjoy themselves while you are tied up.

Ideas to make this time enjoyable~

✨Have substantial food and drinks available.

✨A buffet or heavy apps plus plenty of drink options is a must.

✨Games!! Let the guests have FUN and enjoy themselves!

✨Create plenty of seating areas & space to spread out.



Let the party begin!

By now your guests should be fed, relaxed & happy.. now is your time to shine!

You are now Mr. & Mrs.~

✨get introduced

✨ enjoy your first dance

✨ listen to your favorite people give a



A moment away

You want to mingle with your guests and of course you are ready to get on the dance floor, but don’t forget to sneak away and have a moment for just the two of you!


Hit the dance floor

Be sure to get out on the dance floor with your guests. Your people want to see you have a blast!!! You are bringing the energy to the dance floor and setting the tone for the night.

For a fun atmosphere add some special elements like disco balls. 🪩


the exit

Every story needs an epic ending ✨

A classic exit would have a sexy car waiting to whisk you away. Whether at a venue like Gathering Oaks where your guests are staying overnight or a venue you leave at the end of the night, choose an exit that you and your guests will remember! These are the memories that will last forever.

Photographer: @Jessefrazierphoto

Coordinator: @Hannah_looseends

Venue @Gatheringoaksretreat


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